Custom Services

Deal Toys & Tombstones

This product is generally named as Deal toy, Tombstone or Milestone and produced to commemorate important financial trades and deals such as IPO, Bond issue, Company Refinance, M&A and other investment activities. These splendid souvenirs record every step during the company's growth and are the most popular collection for all bankers. With access to our own factory, our design capabilities to produce anything you can think of it.

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Customized Awards & Trophies

We provide customized special gifts for business events such as Conventions, Ceremonies and Diplomatic Activities. These gifts will efficiently express a company's culture to their important guests and clients. These products can also be a meaningful gift to those people who provide prominent contributions to the company.

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Product Development

A delicate art piece was made by smart design and exquisite craftsmanship, but that's not enough; to achieve a successful souvenir, we also need to generate the proper atmosphere and reveal the company's culture. That requires intensive work of design and strong insight.
We followed this rule for every single souvenir we produced, and tried our best to bring them to life.

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